Charles Godfray on the challenge of feeding 9-10 billion people by mid-century

by Stanley Ulijaszek

Charles Godfray, the Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food gave the first seminar of this series, one that laid the ground and stated the issues that surround food governance at the macro-level. Charles is extremely erudite and well-versed in the debates that surround “The challenge of feeding 9-10 billion people by mid-century”. The world food system will certainly experience unprecedented stresses over coming decades from marked growth in demand at a time of increased supply-side pressures. To a packed audience, Charles covered a broad range of issues, some obvious, some less so. He explored the challenges ahead and argued that radical changes are needed in the ways we produce and consume food, as well as in the organisation and governance of our food systems. The talk quickly led into keen discussion about whether proposed solutions, frequently emanating from the natural sciences, take sufficient account of cultural, social and political economic factors. The questions came from every direction, and Charles was never short of an answer. An outstanding start!

Please note that due to a technical problem, we have not been able to record this talk. We intend to publish audio recordings of subsequent talks in our series.


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