Call for papers: Taste and the everyday governance of food consumption

Drs. Karin Eli and Tanja Schneider are organising a session on ‘Taste and the Everyday Governance of Food Consumption‘ at the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) conference in San Diego in September 2013.

Call for papers:

From nutrition labels to fair trade symbols, sell-by dates to organic certifications, food packaging privileges particular types of information as the essential ingredients for consumers” everyday decision-making. Yet the complexity of food consumption exceeds the discursive, rational remit of “essential” information. Deeply embodied at every stage of its production, preparation, and consumption, food is not simply the summary of its labeled properties: it is also a matter of taste. This panel aims to explore the positioning and roles of taste in consumers”

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats

decision-making about food. Employing a working multi-dimensional definition of taste that draws on sociological, phenomenological, and biological perspectives, the panel will examine how governance concerns (such as healthy eating and ethical sourcing) influence the ways in which people conceptualize, experience, and deploy taste when making decisions about food consumption. It will interrogate how taste influences different levels of consumption, from the market to the (sometimes metaphoric) dinner table. As a particular focus, the panel will explore the intersection of taste and technology in consumer decision-making, examining how modes of consumption governance may be informed by (the adoption of or resistance to) technological innovations, and seeking to unveil creative ways in which consumers and organizations use information and communication technology, including social media, in developing, sharing, and enacting taste.

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Please consider submitting an abstract via by 17 March 2013, if you are working in the area of food governance.


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