Seminar Series 2012

We invite you to join a seminar series on The Politics and Practices of Food Governance organised by OFG and hosted at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, in October and November 2012 to explore the contemporary politics of food production, marketing and consumption.

OFG Seminar Series Programme

OFG seminar programme 2012

The series will examine the multiple ways in which food is governed today and its implications for health, the environment and business. The series will pay particular attention to the role that non- governmental actors and citizen-consumers play in contemporary forms of local and global food governance (Lezaun and Schneider 2012). Based on seven invited talks, the series will address the question of whether food consumption can be considered an ‘invisible’ form of public and political engagement (Lien and Nerlich, 2004; Blue, 2010)  and asks what the potential limits of such an engagement are.

The  OFG  seminar  series  will  provide scope  for  interdisciplinary  engagement  with  research  communities  interested  in  food governance,  within  and  beyond  Oxford.  The  seminar  series  will  serve  as  a  seedbed  for  the development  of  a  new  network  for  information  exchange  and  collaboration,  ensuring  the inclusion  of multidisciplinary voices in the project’s network of stakeholders.


2 thoughts on “Seminar Series 2012

  1. I’m a PhD researcher working on Plot holders growing their own food on Allotments and would like to attend your seminar series on 1st November to hear Professor Anne-Marie Mol speak. Please can you let me know if it is possible to attend. Many thanks

    • Dear Rebecca, Many thanks for your checking out out blog and your interest in our seminar series. You are very welcome to attend the talk by Annemarie Mol on 1st of November which will take place in Andrew Cormack Room at the Said Business School from 4.30pm till 6pm. All talks in the seminar series are open to everyone with a research interest in the area of food governance and related topics. Tanja (on behalf of OFG)

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